Self Diagnosis

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Body discomfort or pain:
Some Jinn like to live in the hosts body. Where there is pain or stiffness, is their permanent residence. To relieve the discomfort, recite Surah Ikhlass or Ayatul Kursi onto water or oil in the hands and then apply on the troubled area.

• Poor Hygiene:
It is easier for Jinn to affect us, if we have poor hygiene. They encourage bad body odour through Waswas, dissuading the victim from washing themselves or changing their clothing.
Jinn can increase sweating by exciting the sweat glands and cause the skin to be over sensitive to deodorants to cause pain or discomfort within the armpits. This can be remedied by burning the Shaytaan responsible, just apply Quran to the armpits using your hands. Another reason for this demonic trick is that they know that angels do not like the company of those who smell bad. Angels are an important source of protection from Shayateen.

• Livelihood, Earnings:
Black magic can prevent a person from earning a living properly. A Shaytaan will follow you around and encourage others not to employ you or work with you using Waswas (negative whispers). This evil spell is known as a type of blockage.
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• Emotions:
Jinn are able to transfer their emotions, feelings and desires onto their host so that we think that it is us who is happy, sad, angry or hopeless etc. Jinn like to use humans to experience pleasure for themselves, such as sexual enjoyment (sex, masturbation or viewing pornography), food, alcohol and drugs for example. Jinn use Waswas (whispers) to drive their human hosts to do what they want. Theses whispers are usually in the form of feelings. They can even convince people that they desperately need to have sex now or that they are gay or that they need a sex change for example. Shayateen can cause depression. It is possible to alleviate depression by Ruqiyah Hijaamah.

• Stomach and Diet:
If the victim has food allergies or IBS type symptoms, it strongly suggests that they have been tricked into eating black magic. It may be that someone has put Sihr in your food or drink. The magic will permanently stick to the lining of the stomach and cause certain foods to create pain, discomfort, piles and diarrhoea for example, creating allergic reactions. This may give you problems when consuming milk, fish, oily foods or spicy foods for example. To identify whether your dietary problems are due to Sihr, you should recite Surah Falaq on the offending food or drink before consumption. If this works, it means that you have Sihr within your stomach.
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• Converts:
New Muslims are often targets of black magic from angry non Muslim relatives, especially Hindus, Free Masons, Catholics (Catholics are the only Christians who are allowed to dabble with Jinn as part of their faith, this is why they also have religious exorcists) and sometimes jealous Muslims connected to the spouse of the new Muslim.
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• Children:
When a woman is afflicted with black magic and then later has children, her offspring will inherit her black magic in their stomachs. The mother’s black magic may cause her children to be born with mental or physical disabilities. The child maybe fortunate and only suffer from food allergies or nightmares. For the child to be completely cured, it is usually necessary that the mother also goes through treatment.
Related or unrelated to Sihr (black magic) Jinn can make children hyperactive and be the cause of ADHD. They can make children overly fussy about food and encourage them to eat and drink unhealthy foods such as processed and foods with artificial sweeteners or added sugars.

• Third party Jinn problems:
Sometimes the victim receives problems due to the Shayateen of other people who he/ she is connected to, such a spouse, business partner or parent. The Jinn problems may also come from the home (ie. a haunted house or garden) for example and not connected with an individual.

• Eye Disease:
Magicians sometimes target the victims eyes to prevent them from reading Quran. Some victims become totally blind.
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• Desperate for the toilet:
Jinn are able to press the half filled bladder making us believe that we need the toilet. This is done to make our Deen harder to practice and to keep us out of Wudhu. They can also be the cause of bed wetting. Rubbing Quran oil on the bladder area will burn the Jinn there and end the premature need to relieve oneself. This bladder trick is easier for Jinn if the victim is very young or old or if the victim’s bladder is almost full.

• Asperger syndrome:
Asperger syndrome is a disability which can make it easier for Jinn to influence a person. Sufferers of this social disorder can often visually feel the presence of other peoples Jinn. This talent manifests itself when it becomes unpleasant for the individual to look into certain peoples eyes. This strange visual unpleasantness is known as ‘eye radiation’.
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• Past Trauma:
Any extreme loss of emotional control can create a spiritual hole within us which a Shaytaan can easily enter. When it enters, it can greatly dictate our behaviour more so than normal Waswas. Childhood problems which caused some level of trauma or heightened stress can create spiritual weaknesses which can be then hijacked by Jinn, causing personality disorders. Such trauma can also happen due to a difficult childbirth. Sometimes, Jinn will ‘help’ the victim by ‘taking over’ when the victim is going through an extreme emotional difficulty. The victim may wrongly choose to block out the experience while the Shaytaan willingly intervenes to endure the suffering. If a child experiences extreme parental discord, such as divorce issues, this may cause trauma if the child mis-handles the situation. Soldiers on the battlefield often suffer from PTSD (traumatic stress disorder) months or years later which is again an excuse for a Shaytaan to take advantage.
For treatment, click here.

• Sleep Issues:
If Islamic activities cause you sleep or increase drowsiness then this means you have a Shaytaan on you because illnesses do not hate Islam. If the person is already tired, then the effects of the Shaytaan will be greater. Jinn can also cause their victims to become very sensitive during sleep. Any slight noise will now cause you to wake up, often with Satanic anger. Likewise, they can make us sleep too much.
Single men (and occasionally married men) may find themselves enjoying ‘wet dreams’ at night. These are caused by sex-starved female Jinn who fall in love with male humans. Such creatures often flee once he gets married or his wife returns.
It is important that we refrain from sleeping on our stomachs. Shaytaan will often try to turn us over as this is their favourite sleeping position. Research by Professor Chris Idzikowski shows that this position (Freefall) relates to the worst psychology, that is the character of Shaytaan. The best position is the fetal position which is the position usually adopted by Prophet Muhammad SAW.
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• Skin Problems:
If you have psoriasis, it probably means that an enemy has tricked you into touching some black magic. The black magic will irritate the skin a long with its intended effect, such as destroying your marriage or business for example.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is generally Waswas. This extreme type of Waswas can be easy for a Shaytaan when the victim has suffered trauma in the past.
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• Dreams:
The person you are fighting in the dream is most likely the one sending the black magic onto you.
Seeing amazing things in the sky, such as aircraft or lights for example, indicate black magic coming onto you.
Smokeless or blue fire represent Jinn.
Snakes and dogs represent your enemy. If they cause you physical harm, they will cause you harm in the real world.
Waking up feeling distressed is a sign that you have a Shaytaan.

• Epilepsy
Epilepsy may be caused by problems with the brain or created by a Shaytan but either way a Shaytaan will use epilepsy to play with its victim. Medication will make it more difficult for the Shaytaan to influence a person.
For treatment, click here.

• Marriage Difficulties:
Do you feel anxious when entering home or presence of your husband or wife? According to Hadith, one of the greatest bad deed a Shaytaan can do is to destroy a marriages. They do this by creating negative feelings between couples.
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• Memorising Quran:
Shayateen have the ability to make it very difficult for a person to memorise Ayatul Kursi.

• Salaah, prayer:

• Accident Prone:
For treatment, click here.

• Cancer:
For treatment, click here.

Please also note that some problems may increase once your Shayateen feels threatened with being exposed. Once your Jinn realises that you know how to defeat him, he/ she will increase its torture of you.


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